How to buy ṂȺ₲ṂѦ on the Algorand Blockchain.

Follow these 8 easy steps to buy ṂȺ₲ṂѦ on the Algorand Blockchain

1. Get an Algorand Wallet - Pera | MyAlgoWallet Screenshot

2. Write down your passphrase and store it in a secure location.

3. Fund your wallet with at least 20 ALGO. Buy Algorand from a centralized exchange, eq. Coinbase.

4. Send the Algorand to your wallet, copy the wallet address from Pera or MyAlgoWallet and paste it into the receiver address section in when sending from you centralized exchange. Screenshot

5. Once you receive the ALGO in your wallet, find the "ADD ASSET" section and type in ṂȺ₲ṂѦ's ASA ID, 445362421 and opt-in to it. Screenshot

6. Now head over to one of the decentralized exchanges and swap ALGO for ṂȺ₲ṂѦ - TinyMan or check out other options on the website at Tinyman

7. Connect your wallet to TinyMan.

8. Buy ṂȺ₲ṂѦ with Algorand on Tinyman!

That's it! Buy ṂȺ₲ṂѦ on the Algorand blockchain in just 8 easy steps.

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