MoltenChain's Source Code Rewrite for Improved Security and Scalability

MoltenChain's Source Code Rewrite for Improved Security and Scalability

Unlocking New Opportunities for Independent Creatives: The Redeaux Games Mission

The MoltenChain team is currently in the process of re-writing the source code to incorporate some incredible improvements. We are fully dedicated to enhancing security, scalability, and performance while also speeding up smart contract deployment times.

Our security AI engine is undergoing a major code optimization and receiving a performance boost. We've trained it on a massive dataset of almost 16k exploits, double spending attempts, XSS, and payload attempts. This means that just like your virus detection and security software, MoltenChain scans transaction notes, messages, smart contracts, and dapps for potential issues and blocks them from ever being pushed through the network.

We also take node security very seriously. If a node reports a mis-matched code base, the network will lock it out, preventing it from validating, earning rewards, deploying smart contracts, or deploying dapps.

But that's not all - we're also focused on improving scalability. By increasing the speed of security checks, transactions and deployments will be even faster. Additionally, our code has been thoroughly optimized, resulting in quicker ping times, overall lower latency, and a 13% reduction in code with the re-write, making the package lighter than ever before.

Here at MoltenChain, we're driven to innovate and bring the most high-tech blockchain network to the world. By doing so, we're opening up new opportunities for independent musicians, writers, content creators, game devs, and artists. We are Redeaux Games and we can't wait to see what the future holds.